I am a very organized digital designer & developer. With a passion for animation, attention to details, and creativity I'd like to put my skills to use on challenging projects. I am engaging, productive, proactive and responsible. I am keen to learn new things and to be a multitasking creator which is why I want to develop in several directions rather than just one. And if the following matters — I like to travel, collect pink cups, paint with oil and I am huge fan of Miley Cyrus:)


Marketing designer, Panenco

Mar 2021 - nowdays

I worked as an in-house designer, covering all required assets for brand communication with clients, employees, and potential connections.

I took ownership of setting up the marketing process for 4+digital products, creating branding and all required assets( websites, email campaigns, social marketing, ads) for their growth and successfully reaching the market.

Mentored new colleagues and created documentation, and a knowledge-sharing system for the improvement of the onboarding process.

Digital designer, Inskin Media

Sep 2018 - Feb 2021

I worked on the creation of rich-media advertising for well-known brands. From designing to building it with HTML/CSS/jQuery, and polishing it with complex, non-intrusive, attention-grabbing animations.

I always aimed to find the best solution, considering the client's wishes and tech constraints. I played for a team and maintained highly-organized performance levels under a heavy workload, and always delivered projects in time.


Graphic design, UI/UX, Web design, Web-dev, No-code development, Emails development, Motion design, SVG animation, Static/dynamic/rich media advertising


Figma, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, HTML, CSS/SASS, JS(basic), Webflow, Wix, Tilda, Mailchimp, Intercom, Google Analytics, Biteable, Sony Vegas